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Your support

CHF 4 Million were gathered !


Many of you have shown interest, and pledged your support, for the new infrastructure and development integral to the survival of Isenau.


Your contributions will allow the ralisation of the project and enable, a new era to commerce for Isenau in 2018.


All contributors will be recognised with their name displayed on the "Wall of Contributors" at the bottom station of the new télécabine.


The greater the size of the contribution above CHF 2'000.--, the greater the size and prominence of the name on the wall.


Donors from CHF 10'000.- and more


                     Donors from CHF 2'000.- and more


Donors from CHF 100'000.- and more


      Donors from CHF 20'000.- and more


*If you do not want to have your name on the wall, plaese informe de Foundation

Legal information


The Fondation pour la défense des intérêts d'Isenau is in charge of collecting the donations for the renewal of the gondola lift.


Your donation will be deposited with a dedicated bank account in the name of the Foundation. The collected monies will be contributed to TéléVillars-Gryon-Diablerets SA, the ski lift company in charge of building and operating the gondola lift, via a capital increase. 


Your donation is subject to a condition precedent: the implementation of the capital increase mentioned above. Once the condition precedent will be met, a) the amounts on the dedicated bank account will become the property of the Foudnation, with the duty to contribute them to the ski lift compagny in the context of the capital increase and b) your donation will become effective and the Foundation will issue an attestation to allow you to benefit from the tax deductibility (if you are eligible). The deadline for the condtion precedent to be met is December 31, 2018. 


In the unlikely case where the condition will not be met on or before the deadline, your payment on the dedicated bank account will be refunded, without interest and after deduction of any cost or fee charged by intermediaries

Make your donation

By postal or bank deposit

IBAN CH66 0076 7000 T537 2981 4


En faveur de la Fondation pour la défense des intérêts d'Isenau

Banque Cantonale Vaudoises

1865 Les Diablerets

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