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Participative financing

On 30th April 2017, the actual Isenau gondola with its mythical « Red Eggs » will cease operation. It’s an opportunity for Isenau to make a fresh start!


Since 2013, the will to safeguard this skiing area raised general interset and important pledges have been made.


In order to open Isenau and its skiing area during the winter season 2018/2019, we have to collect 

CHF 4 mio 

Cost of the new gondola
Cantonal support

In March 2015, the State Council gave the Alpes Vaudoises principal figures its vision regarding the way the masterplan "Alpes Vaudoises 2020" will be supported. The aim is to foster a harmonious development of the region, which will play a major role in the organisation of the Youth Olympic Games 2020.


The main principle underlying this approach is to develop year round tourism. The cantonal support is based upon major tourist themes, such as the lift company (TVGD), snowcanons, lodging, non-ski events, mobility and public transport, and finally environmental compensatory measures.


Within its strategy for the period 2016-2023, the State Council provides an amount of CHF 46 million unconditionally. Around 21 projects are potentially supported by this subsidy.


Therefore, the funding will be the following:


  • Unconditional cantonal investment (40%)


  • Loan, without interset from the canton, with communal guarantee (30%)


  • Participative funding (30%)

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